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About Leadlinked

LeadLinked is innovative online software designed to support and manage networking organizations. The purpose of LeadLinked is to streamline referral exchange between group members, increase transparency of member activity, and boost overall group production.

LeadLinked increases the amount of referrals members receive by participating in networking groups. Members in LeadLinked supported networking groups reap the benefits not only of increased referrals from other members, but also leads generated from online search.

LeadLinked gives groups access to an online networking tool where you can:

  • Exchange and database leads.
  • Post current lead requirements.
  • Post general related news topics.
  • Share information about group meetings.
  • View analytics of group member activity.

Each member in a LeadLinked referral organization has a profile to promote themselves and their business. Incorporating Interactive profiles permits the group members to share the best way to help one another. The software compliments the personal relationships established in networking groups by allowing group members to become more informed about each other's businesses and specific target market. With enhanced knowledge of other group member's services and goals, more quality referrals can be recognized and shared.

LeadLinked referral organizations utilize professional group meetings, networking events, online tools, and relationship-based marketing to generate personal business referrals. The overall goal is to create a communally beneficial environment where group members are dedicated to driving business to one another.

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