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Lead Linked is not designed to compete with existing networking groups; rather its functionality compliments and supports the most key functions of these groups. If you are already an active member in any networking circle, you understand that it is an effective form of marketing. The purpose of LeadLinked is to enhance this effective style of marketing by making it more efficient.

Although many of these groups are productive, they still base their lead exchange and tracking methods on handwriting leads during group meetings. Lead Link delivers an online supported method to help simplify the major functions of these networking groups.

Although lead club networking emphasizes personal interaction between group members, frequency of group meetings and time invested in 1-on-1's can be an issue in the busy schedules of professionals. Many of the time-consuming aspects of leads clubs meetings and 1-on-1's can be reduced when members utilize Lead Linked software capability.

Any professional that has experience managing a referral group understands that it is a detailed undertaking. Collecting data on group activity on the basis of handwritten information can be a headache. LeadLinked gives group administrators the tools to easily keep track of group activity and production.

By incorporating Lead Linked software into your referral group, the group will be able to more quickly and easily share leads, stay more informed about members business's and leads requests, keep track of member activity, decrease amount of time invested in physical group meetings, and boost overall productivity.

Please contact our Sales Manager for more information about integrating Lead Linked into your referral group.