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Start a Group

Having trouble finding a chapter near you? Is your profession already reserved in your local chapter? Starting your own LeadLinked Networking Organization is beneficial on several levels.

Establishing a new LeadLinked chapter is a great opportunity to increase the effectiveness of your networking. Utilizing LeadLinked software in networking groups that are just starting out encourages results-driven professionals to participate. The added incentive of online listings and lead exchange capabilities help to attract new members as your organization grows.

LeadLinked networking organization fees vary from chapter to chapter. We allow flexibility in membership fees collected by the chapter owner to permit lead groups of all different status and dynamics to flourish. Whatever the membership fee decided upon, initial investment of the chapter owner is paid for within the first couple members that join. Chapter owners have the advantage of profiting not only from the business generated from the leads shared in the group, but also membership dues once the group is established.

Please contact our chapter owner representative for information about starting your group today.